Thanksgiving is a special occasion during the year when everyone comes over to celebrate. It’s a chance to spruce up any interior with the best color schemes for Thanksgiving and liven it up with decorations and color palettes. Not an easy task but with tips on what color or theme to use and choosing specific design elements like specific decorations, wall décor or anything that is used for the table setting to make all centerpieces, decorations stand out more. Getting everything right with the matching color/theme and decors that lead up to standout presentation for all your guests to see and appreciate when meal time comes!

Fall and Autumn Themes

Get that fall look into your decoration and theme is done by using warm and rich colors that spice up any interior that has a fall/autumn vibe to it. Work in autumnal shades with colors like browns, taupe, yellow and don’t forget burgundy! Intensify the warm colors with other orange hues, red for an emphasis and rich yellows that blend in with both orange and red shades.

Working in all these warm fall/autumn colors into the décor and the theme will allow anyone to create beautiful decors and center-pieces for any table setting/interior or exterior decor.

Setting up: Décor ideas, Table setting, Centerpieces

Here are some quick and easy décor ideas that’s easy to make and very creative as well for the occasion!

    1. Pumpkins and Gourds are interesting décor because of their warm and natural colors with organic shapes for ultimate variety. Keep them clustered and arranged to greet guests, for something of interest as they walk up the porch. Used on napkins as accents and also open topped for place cards too.

  1. Candles create a lighted atmosphere when placed in metal lanterns to create a lighted ambiance indoors or outdoors with a combo of tea lights, depending on the space it will be placed in. Tea lights create an emphasis of light and dark areas interiors or use scented candles for added effect.
  2. Table decorations and centerpieces with berries and natural materials is easy to make and inexpensive as well too with emphasis on warm autumnal themes. Warm colors, textures of orange, red and yellow will unify the setting with how they are arranged. These elements create unique table decors and centerpieces for any table setting.


Designing the best fall/autumn themes is all about interiors with the best color schemes for thanksgiving that will be a visual delight before and during the occasion. Having all the decor ideas, table setting and centerpieces all synched and arranged well is the aim. Most hosts like it that guests will have more than a delicious meal but also a painstakingly made table as well!

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