A rug is an important accessory which is often neglected. It is versatile and coordinates with colors, and placement with other elements to tie everything in a cohesive design for better-looking interiors. Designing the interior of a home around a rug can be tricky so these design tips will come in handy.

How to use rugs

There are several ways to use it for the best interior design by thinking where it goes and how to complement any space.

  • Rugs define spaces in the house with specific themes and elements for the desired look.
  • Colors and patterns on a rug should match with existing schemes to complement or enhance any space better.
  • Integrating any rug patterns and colors for more harmony with existing themes in a house with much space.
  • Rugs can anchor most unifying colors and design in any space within the home.
  • Choose rug patterns for busier or subdued effects in relation to other elements in a room. To create a unique mood for any specific theme.
  • Get the right sized rug for a specific purpose but never get one that is too small or too big.

Modern Rug

What are the Do’s and Don’ts when using rugs

Just knowing how to use rugs in designing spaces is not enough; it takes more, like following the do’s and don’ts for better interior design. Even taking it a step further by researching additional tips on flooring design trends.

How to use rugs: Do’s

Extent Rugs

It is best to extend rugs under so that none of the floor will show under the legs of furniture. Too much negative space under the legs will not look too good. Placing all the furniture legs on the rug is the best method but having just the front is okay as well. It is practical to have legs placed on the rug from slipping about.

how to lay rug

Area of Rug in Center

An area rug is placed in the center of any space either reaching the corners or just far enough in relation to the furniture on it. It will look silly if interiors accentuated with rugs aren’t in synch with the corners of any room. So the rule of thumb is to keep it centered or extend it further for better visual effect.

Perfect Area Selection

Area rugs should be used where most people pass through and is covered as well. It must be functional and decorative as well to protect the flooring and other rug covered areas.

Quality and Clean Rug

Rugs getting dirty is unavoidable and cleaning will keep it serviceable. Getting a quality rug will be better for easier cleaning but it shouldn’t be the best one or the least good rug.

How to use rugs: Don’ts

Small Rugs

Small rugs are a no-no and it leaves negative space when it should not! When on a budget a small rug can work but a larger rug is much better for interior design. For practicality; choosing a bigger one is more economical and cheaper in the long run with more options than a dinky rug.

Small Sized Rug

Large Areas

Always use good sized area rugs in the bedroom or you’ll regret it. There’s nothing worse than cold floors when stepping bare-foot and a rug will avoid the discomfort of a cold floor. Any rug placed under a bed should have at least 12 to 18 inches extended from it or extend to the walls.

Color and Pattern

To be afraid of colors and patterns is to limit options on maximizing rugs to harmonize colors and patterns to create stunning interiors that bring out the most of any room or space. Color and patterns will make or break how the space looks like. Others find color and pattern intimidating to deal with and prefer mostly monochromatic and dull designs. Embrace color and pattern on rugs which is the best way for focus and will accentuate or enhance themes in any home.

Choosing Best Rug Service

Choosing where to put your expensive and serviceable rugs where they work best not in unsuitable areas to be practical. Always get the cheapest rug for most trafficked areas and the best rugs in the private study or bedroom which is better than the living room or dining room or any place with much foot traffic or activity.

Wrapping up: The best interior design tips for rugs

Topics used in the best interior design tips for rugs is for creating better-looking interiors with simple rules to follow with tips as well. Outlined are specific uses of rugs for design tips to create the best interiors easily. All these tips and simplified rules which are easy to understand will help anyone get the most out of their rugs for interior design!

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